Because Commitment Counts.”

Our unmatched commitment is right in our name. It’s what sets BCC apart from other brokerage companies. We understand that customers and carriers can choose to work with another brokerage company, but by maintaining these standards, our customer and carrier loyalties are very strong.


While we can handle just about any type of load, full truckload freight is our main focus at BCC. We handle over 8000 loads a year across the United States, Canada and Mexico for many types of customers. Let us show your company how our unmatched service and commitment adds up to the perfect logistical fit.

Dry Van

A dry van is the most popular type of truckload shipping and can be used in many different ways due to its flexibility and versatility. Just about anything that fits in the trailer can be moved.


Reefer trailers are vans consisting of a refrigeration unit mounted on the outside of the trailer. The air inside can be adjusted from temps of -10 degrees to +65 Fahrenheit for moving temperature-sensitive cargo such as produce or fruit.


Flatbed trailers are often used to haul products that may be too big for the inside of a full truckload freight van, like machinery, cars, tractors, wood, steel, and roofing materials.

LTL Freight

If you are looking for competitive LTL freight brokers, contact us today. We will work closely with you to learn about your product and the places it needs to go. We'll give you the best shipping options for your freight.



Need something shipped quickly and efficiently? We will promptly send you an offer without obligation. Our solutions are tailored to your individual requirements.

We started doing business with BCC Freight Haulers back in July when we got pretty busy at work. They really stepped in and helped us out tremendously and since then have still stepped up to the plate and continued to fulfill our needs. They have been great to work with, always in a great mood and eager to help us with whatever we need. Always there for us. Jesse and all his staff are fantastic.

David, Lomanco Vents